What is special about Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton sheets are often considered the best in the world when it comes to bedding, but with all the fuss and higher-than-average-cotton price tag you may find yourself wondering what all the excitement is about.

There are many things that make Egyptian cotton the best when comparing other types of fabric for bed sheets. At the very top of the list of reasons for Egyptian cotton’s claim to fame is the plant that it is derived from, its Egyptian origin and the way the fabric is made.

The plant

The luxury component of Egyptian cotton sheets initially comes from the type of cotton plant that it is grown from and the fibers that the plant makes. The plant is called Gossypium Barbadense – also known as extra long staple cotton. As its name suggests, the plant produces long cotton fibers, longer than other standard cotton plants. When these long fibers are processed together to make yarn, their length means there are fewer joins connecting them, making the yarn finer and the threads thinner. This is what makes the fabric so soft, giving these luxury cotton products a higher thread count and making them stronger and higher quality. There is no comparing the softness between these extra-long luxury threads and standard run-of-the-mill types and when felt side by side the luxury types are obviously better. The feather-like softness and cloud-like breathability derived from these extra-long cotton fibers are truly the best in the world.

There are only three types of extra long staple cotton that are used to make bedding: Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton and Sea Island cotton. It is the origin and processing of the Egyptian cotton, however, that makes it far superior to the other two extra-long types.

The origin

The origin of Egyptian cotton is very important and makes it stand out from the other luxury types. The unique Egyptian climate where the cotton plants are grown causes the plants to produce stronger fibers to withstand the heat and other elements. This strength is built into the DNA of the Egyptian cotton plant making it a high quality and extra-strong fabric. The fiber’s strength means they are less likely to break when being processed, meaning the fibers end up even longer in comparison to other extra long staple cotton plants, making them softer and more durable in comparison.

The processing

The way Egyptian cotton is made is another part of what makes it stand out from other luxury cottons types, and makes it far superior from standard cotton types for bedding. Egyptian cotton is hand picked and treated delicately. Using this method of processing means that the fibers encounter less stress than if they were processed with machinery. This leads to the fibers staying more intact during harvesting and less likely to break – causing the threads to be longer, thinner, softer and stronger than any other kind. This adds to the high thread count, exquisite softness and is what gives it the edge over its competitors. Egyptian cotton is also the only cotton that can be guaranteed to be hand picked.

The origin and processing of Egyptian cotton are the main things that make it so special, making it so important to ensure the product you are buying is authentic. If you are concerned your product might not be the real deal – check out our article on how to spot the fakes.

Egyptian cotton is a clear winner when compared with all other types of cotton. If you are about to buy new bed sheets, you can not go past the luxury and quality of Egyptian cotton. Every time you buy an Egyptian cotton sheet set or product, you are making a real investment in a night of good sleep and linen that will last the test of time. Check out our reviews page for the best range of Egyptian cotton linen and bed sheets today!

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