Is Egyptian Cotton the Best Quality you can buy in Bedding?

When buying bedding, it’s essential to know the difference between good and bad quality. Your bedding experts, Dreamy-Bedding, through research and experience have come to the conclusion that Egyptian cotton takes first place when it comes to luxury, and high-end quality. In comparison to a standard cotton sheet set, Egyptian cotton outweigh the positives in every aspect:

  • Longevity
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Price
  • Comfort

Here’s a few reasons why you just cannot go past it:

It looks good:

An incredible characteristic of Egyptian cotton is that it doesn’t pill; you know those little lint balls that come off your standard cotton sheets? They don’t exist in Egyptian cotton.

Not only does this become annoying to deal with, but it gets on your pyjamas, it falls off onto your carpet and your bed, but it begins to make the sheet look unattractive. Pilling is caused by general use; and when it comes to bedding, you know you’re going to use it almost every day, so pilling is inevitable. With normal cotton, it is unavoidable, but with Egyptian cotton, it just doesn’t happen.

It lasts:

Egyptian cotton is made from Extra Long Staples (ELS) meaning that the fibres that are harvested for use are far longer than any other cotton around. This allows for a more durable, and stronger cotton thread, which ultimately creates a material that lasts a lot longer than a standard cotton sheet. Due to fine-ness of the ELS, it allows for a very tight weave, providing strength to the sheet. Of course it comes down to the care you take in washing the sheets, and looking after them, but you can obtain over a decade’s-worth of use if you maintain them correctly.

It feels good:

You may have forgotten what a real good nights’ sleep feels like. Due to the high density of fibres engulfed in the thread-count of an Egyptian cotton sheet, it creates a very comfortable sheet that is always becoming softer and softer. As the fibres are used, they begin to loosen up, allowing for an even softer experience as time goes on; so not only are you buying an incredibly comfortable sheet set to begin with, but it gets better and better. You’ll understand it when you experience it.

It’s cost-effective:

One of the worst feelings is replacing something you knew shouldn’t have to replace, all because you bought the cheaper option. Yes it’s true that Egyptian cotton sheets are slightly more expensive; however due to the above content, you should come to an understanding that these sheets are an investment. Some cotton sheets will last you 3-4 years, maybe 5-6 if you maintain them well enough, but Egyptian cotton sheets can last you well over a decade.

Why buy multiple sheets? Just buy Egyptian cotton sheets, and you’ll have a satisfying, refreshing sleep every night. Our trusted review page has all the greatest options, and the highest rated products; we know you’ll love them; because we at Dreamy-Bedding can’t get enough of them.

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