What is the Best Thread Count for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets have a wide variety of options, some greater than others, and some better value for money. As we enlighten you on the perfect thread count for your sheets, it is important to know the difference in quality that makes Egyptian cotton the best for sheets. Egyptian cotton is grown from a totally different plant to normal cotton. They’re grown into longer, finer threads and are called “extra-long staples” (ELS). Click here for a full review on the best Egyptian Cotton sheets.


Be aware that there are false claims of Egyptian cotton products being very cheap. If you see 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for $29.99, you are being misled. It may very well be Egyptian cotton, but not ELS based. This means it would be ‘Upton cotton’ grown in Egypt; hence it also would not carry the incredible quality of real Egyptian cotton sheets.

What is a thread count? (and how to choose the best one)

Before you even find the right thread count for your sheets, the question still stands; what is a thread count?

The thread count relates to the number of threads that go horizontally and vertically through one square inch of material. The basics behind counts are simple; the lower the thread count, the less material meaning cheaper quality and a shorter life-span. The higher the thread count, the more material, and the softer it feels.

Even though the higher thread count sheets feel soft, due to the density of material, it actually is a lot stronger than smaller counts. Considering that thread counts range from 100 to 1500, you’ll find that there is a wide variety of choice. Just because it has a higher thread count, doesn’t make it better, and just because it has a lower thread count, doesn’t make it an unreliable product.

Although we understand that it will come down to personal preference and experience, Dreamy-Bedding’s guide to finding the perfect thread count will help you make the right decision for you.

Comfort Levels

Don’t be fooled by the number on the thread count. Well, As a general rule, yes, typically the higher the thread count, the better quality the product. For normal cotton, there has been further research for those products that sit at a high thread count; that it is near impossible for a thread count to be much more than 400. Considering the density and different types of thread, you may be surprised to know that manufacturers actually take 1-ply thread, and combine it to make multi-ply thread. For example, a 1200 thread count sheet set, may just be a 3-ply 400 thread count sheets.

Egyptian cotton however is much finer than normal cotton; and although there is still the multi-ply rule in this industry, it is much more viable to find a 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set that is manufactured as 1-ply.

The multi-ply approach allows for many advantages; strength, longevity and also comfort. These sheets will last longer, and become softer as the thread begins to loosen. If you have the budget to purchase a 1000+ thread count sheet set, then depending on the brand, you will not be disappointed.

Our recommendation:

Egyptian cotton sheetsIt all comes down to what you’re willing to pay. When it comes to bedding, similar to buying TV’s, there is high quality in the higher price range. If you’re looking for value for money, then 400 thread count sheets will be a great investment; just don’t expect for them to last a life-time (not that you should keep sheets for decades). The strength in a 400 thread count is incomparable to a 1000+ thread count though, so while they may be similar in terms of softness and comfort, a higher thread count will last you much longer.

Our advice:

If you want a nice set of quality Egyptian cotton sheets that will be comfortable but won’t break the budget, then look at 400-600 thread count. These will be the best Egyptian cotton sheets for you to buy. If you have the money, and would like an incredible sleeping experience that gets better over time, then 900+ thread count sheet sets are an incredible choice. If you’re looking at standard cotton, then 1000+ thread count sheet sets are great for comfort and longevity, but in our opinion here at Dreamy-Bedding, Egyptian cotton is a far better investment. You can find links to our top rated best Egyptian Cotton Sheets with complete reviews here.

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