How to Choose the Best Value Egyptian Cotton Sheets

We’re all busy most of the day and only have a few hours of sleep, in most cases less than eight. It pays to make your night’s sleep memorable, invigorating and a great one. While getting the right mattress is critical, you mustn’t ignore bed sheets. Even with the most expensive mattress featuring an intelligent ergonomic design, the wrong mattress can be rough on the soft skin and cause irritation. Cotton sheets are highly popular, and great for most skin types.

However, before you go shopping for the best you might want to take note of a few factors:

Thread count

While shopping for comfortable cotton sheets, thread count is quite important. It’s not just a marketing buzz word thrown around, but under the watchful eye of stringent federal standards. In simple terms, the finer the cotton sheet threads weaved together the gentler, finer and softer the final product you end up with. It means a 600 thread count cotton sheet is gentler and finer than a 400 or 200 one. While thread count isn’t the best way to ascertain the right cotton sheets due to deceptive technologies and illegal manufacturing methods by some companies, any thread count lower than 200 simply denote low-quality cotton sheets.


Watch the weave while selecting top cotton sheets if you want to end up with a quality feel. For instance, if you want a crisper texture on your skin and cooler sheets, there’s always a unique weave to go for, such as percale. For warmer and a tad slippery feel that’s also luxurious and soft, sateen weave might be a good choice.

Other factors

Apart from thread count and weave you can consider other more personal factors. You can consider your skin type, mattress fit and even climate to come up with the best cotton sheets.

Selecting the best value cotton sheets

Cotton sheets must be your first stop while shopping linens for your bed due to their popularity but that’s not all. Cotton differs and the difference can be everything. You need the best quality cotton sheets, which mean they are extra-long such as Egyptian cotton sheets. Egyptian cotton is uniquely absorbent, smooth and breathable and has been grown for centuries along the banks of River Nile in Egypt.

Long-staple popular cotton is the best to look for when shopping for cotton sheets. However, while others like Supima and organic cotton sound great the best that stands out is Egyptian cotton sheets, particularly the 650 Thread count Egyptian cotton sheet.

650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets Highlights

  • Gentle, soft and durable
  • Purely sateen weave, single-ply 100 percent authentic Egyptian cotton
  • Lots of vivid colors to select from
  • Sheets fully elasticized and hugs beds perfectly remaining in place all night
  • Deep pockets-up to 15 inches deep catering for up to18” mattresses
  • Easy care and wrinkle free
  • Machine washable
  • 650 Thread Count for each square inch
Assured quality

Revitalizing your slumber is critical, something 650 Thread count Egyptian cotton sheet does efficiently, invigorating your tired frame after a long day’s work. The sheet set features remarkably silky and durable Egyptian cotton, which is longer than the typical cotton out there. Fabric is smooth and highly breathable and won’t be stuffy and scratchy as most cotton items are known to be.

650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets are top quality linens you probably meet in luxurious 5-star hotels in most world capitals. It’s made to perfectly fit any deep-pocket or standard quality mattress you already have and won’t have to shop for excess bed linen. With all sorts of colors to select from you can actually blend the 650 thread count with your bedroom decor or mattress in the right size from Split King, Olympic Queen to Twin XL.

Holds color

Not many cotton sheets hold their color well with typical usage but 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets does. Washing it properly not only maintains the hue, but also the shape. A high thread count saves you from 400 and below thread counts rough on human skin and must be washed hundreds of times to soften them.

Easy to care

Cotton might sound complex to care, but not so with 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets. They’re machine washable and colorfast. You can actually low tumble dry and promptly take them out of the dryer. Care label will help you accomplish great results.

  • Very soft and durable
  • Available in diverse vibrant hues
  • Elasticized fit keeps them in place all night
  • 100 percent Egyptian cotton
  • Great feel and fit

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