Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Reviews & Buying Guide

Maybe you’ve forgotten what a good nights’ sleep felt like. You could be feeling constantly exhausted, drained and lack-lustre in energy every day; or maybe you’re unwell more then you should be. Well, whether you realise it or not; the well-being of your health revolves around 3 things; nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Sleep allows your body to grow, develop but most importantly, to rest; it’s so important to get enough rest.

A massive contributor to the quality of your sleep revolves majorly around your mattress and the sheets and bedding you put on it. Here at Dreamy-Bedding, we have reviewed what we believe to be the most beneficial bedding for you to utilize, without having to run around the country side to find ‘the perfect sheet set’. Read on, and you’ll find some honest and highly researched sheets that will be of great value and comfort.

If you’re in a rush, then here is our suggestion if you’re looking for great quality at an affordable price. [eLuxurySupply’s 650 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet set]

The Top Rated Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Our Rating

Best Value Egyptian Cotton Sheets


650 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet set

  • Soft to touch
  • Long-lasting
  • Under $100US
  • Exceptional weave quality
  • Simplistic look that suits every bedroom
Best Value

86 out of 100

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Best 800 Thread Count

Carressa Linen

800 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet 4 piece set

  • Exceptional Value
  • Affordable Comfort
  • Sit tightly over the bed
  • Soften over time nicely due to the sateen weave
Best 800 Thread Count Sheet Set

100 out of 100

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Best 1000 Thread Count

Thomas Gene

Deep Pocket Luxury 1000 thread count sheet set

  • Very soft to the touch
  • Best longevity factor of all the reviews
  • Breathable
  • Deep Pockets deter stretching, straining and becoming deformed
Best 1000 Thread Count Sheet Set

80 out of 100

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Best 1500 Thread Count

VGI Linen

Authentic Heavy Quality 1500 thread count sheet set

  • Soft to touch
  • Affordable price for such high quality
  • Available in all sizes
  • Exceptional weave quality
Best 1500 Thread Count Sheet Set

100 out of 100

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Best 500 Thread Count

Tribeca Living

6 Piece Deep Pocket 500 thread count sheet set

  • Excellent quality for a lower thread count sheet set
  • Deep pockets fit any mattress perfectly well
  • Easy to clean
  • As crisp as a 1000 thread count sheet set
  • Available second hand
Best 500 Thread Count Sheet Set

86 out of 100

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Best Affordable Egyptian Cotton

Pinzon by Amazon

Sateen Hemstitch 400 thread count Sheet set

  • Lightweight and soft
  • More flexible drape then most sheets
  • High-quality stitching
  • Perfect balance of thin/thick material
Best Affordable Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

82 out of 100

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There are always things to look out for when buying anything, and when it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets, there are many ways that you as a customer can be conned. Just a couple of things to be aware of are:

The Authenticity of “Egyptian Cotton”

Do not be confused between standard cotton that is grown in Egypt, and real Egyptian cotton. There is a massive different between the two. Cotton plants are grown all over the world, and Egypt is no exception; but there is a particular type that the most luxurious sheets in the world are made from. These cotton plants are grown with Extra Long Staples (ELS) and are long thin fibres, which allow for a higher thread count, a furthermore a softer sheet. It is a ploy from online company to try and trick you into buying Egyptian cotton sheets made from what is called ‘Upland Cotton.’ These are the common cotton plants, with standard, low quality fibres. When buying genuine Egyptian cotton sheets, always look for the ELS, as this characteristic is unique to Egyptian cotton; so you know that it’s real.

Genuine Thread Counts

As you’ll see in our article about thread count, the ELS trademark in Egyptian cotton automatically allows for a higher thread count possibility; which if you’re not aware add strength and softness to your sheets. However, there are sheet sets that are manufactured using multi-ply thread, meaning there may be more thread, but it’s only thicker; not higher quantity. Although this doesn’t make for a bad sheet set, it does however reduce the quality of the sheet; it won’t soften as well overtime, and can feel a little coarser on the skin.

Trustworthy Egyptian Cotton Suppliers

In the online industry, people want to make money. Some people do it with integrity, and will supply a fantastic product, and others will sell cheap quality to allow for higher profit. Make sure that when you buy online, that it is a reputable, genuine website that either reviews, or sells real, quality products. As the saying goes in the retail market, “you get what you pay for.”

So... What's The Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding?

Find Out With Our Highly Detailed Guide - Reviewing The Top 6 Suppliers
eLuxurySupply’s 650 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet set

Top shelf quality doesn’t begin to describe the beauty in these sheets. They are seriously good for a mere 650 thread count. Soft to touch, long-lasting and still very affordable. When you understand the serious quality in Egyptian cotton; you’ll know that it doesn’t take a big thread count to make for a soft sheet; and this one is simply that. It’s minimalistic, and eLuxurySupply have truly created a great product here. You’ll find that sleeping is easy, and far more comfortable.

eLuxurySupply is renowned specifically for their quality, and their weave quality. Not only are they exceptional at producing a luxurious comfortable sheet, but they combine that with a great, simplistic look that suits every bedroom.

Our Rating
Carressa Linen’s 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet 4 piece set

This sheet set is exceptional value. And at the low price, you can’t go wrong. The quality of these sheets lies in their affordable comfort. They sit tightly around the bed; and soften over time nicely due to the sateen weave. Without revealing what; there is a certain finishing process that Carressa Linen uses to give an optimum soft feeling from the first touch. Understanding that there are more expensive ones in the 800 thread sheet count, this sheet set is a phenomenal buy for both the price, and the quality. Would be perfect for a master-bedroom, or an elaborate spare bedroom. These sheets were made to impress.

Our Rating
Thomas Gene’s Deep Pocket Luxury 1000 thread count sheet set

Classed as 5 star critiqued sheets, these ‘luxury’ sheets are sublime. Not only are they very soft, but these possibly have the best longevity factor of all the reviews. Although in a higher thread count, strength and longevity is inevitable, but there’s a unique aspect to this set. Due to the deep pockets, they have a characteristic that allows the sheet to sit on the bed with a very small chance of stretching, straining and becoming deformed. With standard pocket sizes, sheets can be stretched too much depending on the size of the mattress; but Thomas Gene’s Deep Pocket sheets deter that possibility. Being a 1000 thread count sheet set, you can be sure they will be soft, but these feel softer than usual. This sheet set promises to be breathable too; so no need to stress during summer either. As Thomas Gene like to say, ‘sleep longer, live better.’

Our Rating
VGI Linen’s Authentic Heavy Quality 1500 thread count sheet set

Find yourself seamlessly sleepy just by touching this set with your hands. There’s no denying that a high thread count makes for a softer sheet set, but this is just ridiculously good. This sheet set comes packed with good quality, and at an affordable price for such high quality, we just couldn’t go passed it. You’ll find yourself struggling to wriggle out of bed, because these are oozing with comfort. A great thing about these sheets, is they come in every sheet size you could possibly imagine. So no matter what bed size you’re looking to fit, these come in such a diverse range, that every person in your home, ward or resort can experience the same level of comfort. At top shelf quality, you’re looking at a great buy that you will not regret.

Our Rating
Tribecca Living 6 Piece Deep Pocket 500 thread count sheet set

For a lower thread count sheet set, this sheet set does not lack quality. If you’re worried about the softness in comparison to higher thread counts, then check out our thread count page.

This sheet set is a perfect example of a top shelf 1 ply sheet set; where the density of thread is lower, but the softness is not substituted. They resemble incredible authentic Egyptian cotton, and with their deep pockets fit any mattress perfectly well. These also, despite being only 500 thread count, are not limp and thin like many others, but come as crisp as a 1000+ thread count sheet set, and only get softer and softer over time. A perfect, easy to clean addition to your linen drawer; perfect for teenagers or young adults. For a more affordable option, you can even buy these second hand which at first glance may sound gross; but understanding that they are professionally dry-cleaned and re-packaged, you save yourself money on some extremely high quality sheets, in great condition.

Our Rating
Pinzon by Amazon Sateen Hemstitch 400 thread count Sheet set

Lightweight and soft, these sheets are a trademark brand by Amazon. Pinzon supply a great quality sheet set, with a luxurious feeling. These sheets provide a more flexible drape then most sheets, due to their lightweight, and give you a taste of what high quality sheets can feel like. It has high-quality stitching, and the material is a perfect balance of thin/thick, resulting in no shrinking.

When they arrive, they are quite crisp, which is different to your standard cotton sheet, and although foreign at first feel, make a huge difference when sleeping. The crispness help your skin not stick to the sheets, so when you slide into bed, you slip in without ruining the neatness of your bedding.

Our Rating
Many companies know that Egyptian cotton are far superior in all aspects of bedding in comparison to standard cotton. This means that they will do whatever they can to take away from the trade mark Extra Long Staple (ELS) and will provide fake marketing using the term “Egyptian Quality.” This is a major concern for your buying choice, as Egyptian Quality does not equal Egyptian cotton. It might be a high quality cotton, meaning it has been woven, and manufactured very well; but it will never compare to the long fibres that come from Egyptian cotton. Always look for ‘ELS’, or a guaranteed ‘100% Egyptian Cotton’ watermark.

So What's The Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding?

Here's What People Are Saying...

One of the most common things people say about Egyptian cotton comes back to the feeling of it. On almost every customer review you ever see with Egyptian cotton, that is the most notable comment, and it is no doubt true.

You can tangibly feel the difference between Egyptian cotton and the standard cotton fibres. It not only feels soft and smooth, but it gets even softer over time. It’s rare that you get something that gets better and better as time goes on.

The quality of the stitching and hems, and the fitting of most Egyptian cotton sheets are spot on. Due to the luxurious nature of genuine Egyptian cotton, manufactures don’t mess around with cheap quality, so if it’s authentic, you can be confident it will be of a high standard.

The sheets are so much easier to clean, due to their dense fibres, and smooth outlay; stains are often removed quite easily, making them hassle free to look after.

Some cottons can grip your skip, but the fresh crispness of new Egyptian cotton make your body slide straight the sheets without that uncomfortable grabby-feeling.

They don’t tether and wear down. Unlike standard cotton, pilling and tearing are quite common as wash cycles stack up over time, but Egyptian cotton not only doesn’t wear down, but it gets softer. People see it as more of an investment then anything else.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Are A Superior Bedding Solution

Maybe before reading this, you didn’t actually realise that there is a substantial difference when comparing cotton types in bedding. With Egyptian cotton’s amazing attributes all revolving around one main ingredient; extra long staples. I dare say, you will not find a more comfortable, convenient material to sleep in. It’s easy to clean, comfortable to sleep in and is compatible in all seasons of the year; you simply can’t go wrong.

Without experiencing it for yourself, you will never truly understand how good it really is. If you don’t sleep well, something as simple as changing your bedding could revolutionise your sleep. If nothing else has worked, then why not give it a shot? But if you’re just looking to update your bedding, we at Dreamy-Bedding 100% recommend Egyptian cotton. Trust me, you’ll love it.