Best Affordable Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set Reviewed

Bedroom decor and ambience, priceless glossy bedroom furniture and a great mattress alone doesn’t guarantee a quality night’s sleep. The right quality bed sheets on top of a wonderful duvet cover and mattress however, can go a long way in ensuring your sleep is peaceful and restful, whether you work by night and sleep by day or vice versa. The thread count, color, pattern and material needs to be considered when searching for a bed sheet, including the pocket depth or mattress thickness and size of bed.

More than other bed sheets out there, the best affordable Egyptian cotton sheet sets have always been the first choice for those who highly consider luxury, comfort and quality as important characteristics. But not just any type of Egyptian cotton sheets. There might be many out there but Pinzon by Amazon Sateen Hemstitch 400 thread count Sheet set has been rated highly and considered the best in more ways than one.

Pinzon by Amazon Sateen Hemstitch 400 thread count Sheet set highlights

  • Imported 100 percent genuine cotton
  • Queen set shipped with two standard pillowcases, fitted sheet and flat sheet
  • Features Egyptian soft and long cotton fibers resulting in a smooth, top quality durable fabric
  • Sheen understated and lustrous, six inches hem with pillowcases and flat sheet detailing
  • Machine low tumble dry cold wash preferably before using it for the first time
  • Fitted sheet dimensions-60 by 80 inches fitting in mattresses up to 18 inches deep
  • Flat sheet-100 by 112 inches
  • Pillowcases-20 by 31 inches
  • Certifies independent system standards that textile is up to top environmental and safety standards

Lightweight and soft

Pinzon by Amazon Sateen Hemstitch 400 thread count Sheet set includes a unique soft Egyptian cotton material with a thread count of 400. Thread count simply speaks of threads used to create a square inch of cotton sheets. Conventionally, if the threads to be weaved are finer, the fabric is expected to be really soft.

As a result, Pinzon Sateen Hemstitch 400 cotton set offer mid-range durability and strong thread count that’s way softer and top quality than cotton fabric of 200 thread count. The thread count is high range enough to leave behind a lightweight cotton sheet set with an attractive display. Superb for anyone shopping for a top quality Egyptian cotton sheet set that’s strong enough and comfortable to lie on and sufficiently affordable.

Superior and luxurious cotton set

Egyptian cotton remains the standard when it comes to top quality, luxurious softness. The beautiful sheen and durability and strength is superior than most. Pinzon by Amazon Sateen Hemstitch 400 thread count Sheet set is yarned using Egyptian cotton grown in Egyptian warm climate with characteristic extra-long fibers popular globally, particularly among the best fabric manufacturers around the world.

Long-lasting superior texture and strength give the cotton sets a luxurious comfort. It’s the reason you find them in high-end hotels, spas and resorts. While genuine top quality Egyptian cotton and thread count is mostly expected to make them pricey, the sheets are long lasting and affordable, especially if well taken care of.

Great finish

Pinzon by Amazon Sateen Hemstitch 400 thread count Sheet includes special sateen fabric finish. The finish is largely satin in terms of feel achieved from a weave featuring four threads over different from such typical weaves as percale with just a single thread over and a single under. Due to the four-over type of weave, lots of threads are located close to the surface giving the fabric a warm and soft surface enjoyable in virtually all seasons. The Egyptian cotton set arrives in diverse colors and perfectly sets the mood for a relaxing and restful bedroom aura.


  • 100 percent Egyptian cotton
  • Comfortable sheets
  • Most unique and special satin-like feel
  • Breathable sheets
  • Material feature long, soft Egyptian cotton fibers
  • Lightweight
  • Six-inch helm featuring detailing on pillowcases and flat sheet
  • Material remains soft after washing and hardly feels stretched


  • Soft, but not as soft as other sheets with higher thread count.

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