The Best 800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets on The Market – FULL REVIEW!

With good food and lots of exercise the other vital aspect of your life which you shouldn’t underestimate is getting regular great quality sleep. After draining your energy all day long, sleep allows your body to rejuvenate, grow and rest. The quality of your slumber will be determined by the kind of mattress you have, beddings and sheets.

Egyptian cotton sheet sets are top quality choices and highly popular globally. However, with so many purported genuine Egyptian cotton sheets out there, it’s very easy to fall for imitations. As you shop for the best 800 thread count Egyptian cotton, do familiarize yourself with a number of things.


Most importantly, the quality of Egyptian cotton is not the same. There’s genuine Egyptian cotton and typical cotton growing around Egypt. So many people take them to be the same, but there’s a huge difference. Cotton is grown in many locations worldwide and Egypt is just one of them. However, Egypt has a luxurious quality offering top class sheets different from the standard quality one. Superior cotton is generally ELS (Extra Long Staple), characteristically thin and long fibers guarantying high thread count and gentler cotton sheets.

Most companies even offer Upland Cotton made bed sheets passing them as ELS luxurious cotton sets with low quality standard fibers. To be on the safe side, stick with ELS when purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets to ship home the best.

Real thread count

Typically, thread count should assure you about the quality of Egyptian cotton sheets but you can’t be too careful. ELS mark of quality in Egyptian cotton should definitely guarantee high thread excellence assuring softness, durability and strength of cotton sheets. Don’t just go with thread count though; some sheets are made with multiple threads to thicken them without enhancing their quality. The sheet set might still be good but quality will differ extensively from ELS cotton sheet sets. It’ll also not soften with time but remain rough and scruffy every time you lie on it.

You cannot go wrong with ELS Egyptian cotton sheets, specifically the highly-rated Carressa Linen 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet 4 piece set.

Carressa Linen 800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet 4 piece set highlights

  • Extra long-staple Egyptian cotton sateen with luxurious softness and smoothness
  • Finished in a special Caressa Linen process accentuating fabric softness and glint
  • Diverse colors available to suit every bedroom decor
  • Genuinely 800-thread count and made from 100 percent authentic quality Egyptian cotton
  • Top quality sateen sheet set perfect for anyone who wants a restful and comfortable night sleep

Ranks highest

Carressa Linen ranks highest among Egyptian cotton sheets due to its excellent quality and value. It’s affordable, comfortable and high quality. The fitted sheet sits tightly about your bed while the set’s Egyptian cotton sateen weave softens it with each washing. Caressa Linen is also known for its top fabric engineering finishes optimizing a silky feel on every touch.

While other cotton sheets are more expensive at 800 thread count, Carressa Linen 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet 4 piece set is prodigiously inexpensive for its quality whether you need it for a spare room or typical master bedroom.

Durable and machine washable

Carressa Linen 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet 4 piece set isn’t just durable but machine washable as well. Carressa Linen actually specializes in luxurious, sturdy and soft Egyptian cotton sheets manufacturing from 100 percent Egyptian cotton featuring finest crafted cotton yarns. Just by washing the cotton sheet set on normal cycle and removing fast from your dryer leaves them rumple-free. For colored sheets color-safe bleaches or chlorine shouldn’t be used on them while adding the detergent first to the water in contrast with pouring it on the 800 thread count cotton sheets gives best results.


  • Excellent value
  • Sateen weave allow sheets to soften with every washing
  • Fits tightly about your bed
  • 100 percent Egyptian cotton
  • Different colors available
  • Comfortable cotton sheet set with a nice feel
  • Unique Carressa Linen finish accentuates softness and luster
  • Comfortable perfect summer sheets to help you keep cool


  • Shipping package can have a strong odor
  • Great fit but a bit thin

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