Best 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Spending at least eight hours in between your sheets is scientifically confirmed to be a healthy move, and with so many types of Egyptian cotton sheet sets out there, selecting the perfect one can be surprisingly daunting. But it really doesn’t have to be.

So how do you choose the best 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets?

Lots of questions should whirl around your head before you go shopping for the proper sheet feel. This can actually help you draw down to the ideal choice. For instance, if you want crisp and comfortably lightweight bed sheets choose percale weave options. For luxuriously and highly silky feel opt for sheets featuring sateen weave.

Jersey weave sheets are fine for anyone after a soft tee-shirt kind of feel. Cotton sheet sets are great for a cool and soft feel every night. Tencel and modal fabric sheets are worth shopping for if all you want is a smooth and soft feel. Just want a crisp feel in your bed sheets? Think polyester-cotton blend fabric. You get the idea.

Thread count

Thread count can help you draw down to the best 500 thread count sheet set for your bedroom. It has an effect on fabric softness; refer to the fabric’s thread numbers for every square inch, horizontally and vertically. For instance, if you’re after the softest sheet sets around, a brand with higher thread count should be sufficient. Nonetheless, avoid making your bed sheet choices on thread count alone. Do mind other factors such as the yarn size, fiber type and finish. All these factors have an effect on the total quality of the sheets.

Mattress Depth

Very few sheet shoppers actually pay attention to mattress depth yet is highly important. It refers to the thickness of a mattress measured from the top to the bottom and helps ascertain pocket depth the fitted sheet bottom will need. If you have mattress toppers and pads do consider this as well.

Going with the best 500 thread count sheet set guarantees a quality bed sheet set with lots of benefits for you. A popular choice, highly considered and a top seller is the Tribeca Living 6 Piece Deep Pocket 500 thread count sheet set. It’s a unique bed sheet featuring top quality fabric termed as a luxurious pampering every night. The bed sheet exceeds expectations in terms of softness, comfort and quality. The brand really washes well, easy to avoid wrinkling if removed from dryer promptly and crisp every time, especially if you fold immediately out of the dryer.

Tribeca Living 6 Piece Deep Pocket 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set Highlights

  • Features 100 percent imported high quality Egyptian cotton
  • Genuine Egyptian cotton sateen
  • Helms of the pillowcases and flat sheet feature bands in double stitches
  • Fabric is machine washable but should be washed with same colors and promptly removed from dryer to avert wrinkling
  • 500 thread count and sateen construction
  • Dimensions:   Flat sheet-Measures 94by 106 inches, Fitted sheet-measures 60 by 80 inches, Pillowcase-Measures 20 by 30 inches.

Note that Tribeca Living 6 Piece Deep Pocket 500 thread count sheet set is a luxurious and comfortable choice. It features 500-thread count with an indulgent smooth and cozy soft feel. Band is double-stitched towards the hem of pillowcases and flat sheet. The complete set includes four pillowcases, deep pocket fitted sheet (up to 23 inches deep) and one flat fitted sheet.

You can actually fit Tribeca Living 6 Piece Deep Pocket 500 on a 24-inch mattress perfectly. The all-round elastic on the fitted sheet guarantee a secure fit. At the top of the elastic features an added seam also enhancing the fit. The weave is sturdy and hold up superbly in any washing machine.


  • Made from quality 100 percent imported Egyptian cotton
  • Soft and smooth 500 thread count
  • Sateen construction leaves behind lustrous feel and look with a silky and soft touch
  • Machine washable
  • Double stitched type of hem on pillowcases and flat sheet
  • Extra deep pocket sheet fitting up to 24-inch mattress


Great sheets but not as super-soft as others.

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