Best 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set – FULL REVIEW!

One of the most powerful things that keep us moving is the expectation of a warm, cozy bed at the end of the day, especially a bed with soft sheets. Even with exceptionally firm mattress, huge bed and extraordinarily beautiful bedroom décor but with the wrong bed sheets you can be sure of a discomforting night’s sleep.

It’s never easy to shop for the right bed sheets for your bed. Lots of things come into play, from authentic cotton sheets to thread counts, among others. Deciphering the perfect sheets for your kind of bed, skin type, climate and other aspects can make a shopping process that should be easy and simple quite complex.

In case soft cotton sheets are a huge priority in your life, higher thread count should definitely be a consideration. You might also rate warmer sheets highly. If so, the kind of fabric you choose is critical. On the other hand, keeping cool, particularly in warm summer months require cotton sheets, which are also breathable.

These dynamics are important to consider, including having a modern bedroom decor matching with duvet covers, beddings and bed sheets. Being able to choose the color that you want allow you to ship home the best sheet set for your bed. If you take all these into consideration you might realize the best Egyptian cotton sheet set is what you need.

Enter, the Thomas Gene Deep Pocket Luxury 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheet set.

Most sought after cotton sheet

Arguably the best Egyptian cotton sheet set out there, Thomas Gene Deep Pocket Luxury 1000 thread count sheet set is a special choice for any bedroom. Egyptian cotton has a special place in the mind of many luxury cotton sheet manufacturers due to its ELS (Extra Long Staple) features. The deep pocket luxury sheet set by Thomas Gene include a 1000 thread count meaning the cotton sheets soften with every washing leaving the cotton as breathable and light as you’d want.

With 18-inch deep fitted pockets the sheets perfectly fit on most mattresses, including mattress toppers. With two pillowcases, a fitted sheet and flat sheet in either king or queen sizes, perhaps in charcoal or white hue, the Egyptian cotton sheet set matches virtually all bedroom decors. It has all the right highlights from luxurious packaging to a wonderful feel and comfort. You can actually ship it as a special gift set to a loved one in a magnetic lid delivery box.

Quality comfort

Pockets as deep as 18 inches in the sateen woven Thomas Gene sheet set speak louder about comfort and quality in 1000 thread count. The sheets follow an exceptional process of sewing, dying and weaving closely sticking to requirements and specified standards laid down for the production of excellent cotton sheets.

Considering you spend a third of your life in bed growing and rejuvenating, doing so in a bed with soft, gentle and quality Egyptian cotton sheet set is a special personal treat.

Certified durability

Purchasing quality cotton sheets mean assured peace of mind. Thomas Gene offer certified 100 percent 800 thread count Egyptian cotton incredibly durable with easy care guidelines to keep the set luxurious and soft in its lifetime.

The cotton sheet is machine washable, gentle and soft and hasn’t been folded over to cunningly boost thread count and weight as happens with most purchases. The high thread count is a mark for longevity and strength.

Characteristic deep pockets

Thomas Gene Luxury 1000 thread count sheet set’s deep pockets are a unique feature. They allow the sheets to remain on your bed without being deformed, strained or stretched. Standard sizes of pockets make sheets stretchable depending on mattress size. However, Thomas Gene Deep Pocket Luxury sheets avert this with ease promising an intense softness than you’re used to.


  • Deep 18-inch pockets that avert straining, deformation and stretching
  • Soft to touch
  • Breathable
  • Highly considered for longevity
  • Light Egyptian cotton
  • Arrives in a stylish gift box
  • 1000 thread count that softens with every wash
  • Machine washable and easy to wash
  • Doesn’t overheat or suffocate you


  • Can be expensive than other cotton sheets
  • not microfiber or polyester warm
  • Can stain easy
  • Must be handled with care

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