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As the world becomes faster-paced with constant innovation and progression, the ‘importance of sleep’ has become yesterday’s conversation and one of today’s biggest issues.

Here at Dreamy-Bedding, we have developed a passion to help people see one of the most vital things in our lives as important again. We know that sleep is the component of your life that knits together your health, emotional well-being and mental state together; and we want to see you thrive in that.

It’s what drives us.

Our 'Why'

Dreamy-Bedding was started by three people; Davina, Chrissy and Junior, all from different walks of life. Through conversation, and many experiences, we discovered a recurring issue; we and those close to us had problems sleeping.


For Davina, it was her children who struggled to sleep. Both very young, she found that she had neglected the importance of quality bedding, even for young people. Through the experiences she had encountered from different products, she came to the conclusion that Egyptian Cotton Sheets were incomparable to anything she had ever tried before. After extensive research, Davina has resorted to what she believes to be the perfect bedding for herself and her family.

Chrissy and Junior shared a similar experience to each other; they both were not able to get comfortable in their own beds, which consistently stopped them from having a good night’s sleep. Chrissy found that her bedding didn’t stay warm during winter. She would have to add extra blankets and quilts, because her bedding couldn’t retain her body heat; until she found Egyptian Cotton Sheets. For her personally, these sheets were the most comfortable in all seasons; retaining warmth in winter, yet still breathable in summer.


Every single night Junior slept, his sheets would run away from the edges of his mattress, eventually riding their way up to the base of his bed. It became a nuisance having to constantly remake his bed from scratch every single day. When Junior tried Egyptian Cotton Sheets; which were recommended by Davina and Chrissy, he was happily surprised at the result. Due to the long fibres that these sheets were made from, it provided a quality that lead to longevity. Still to this day, after 2 years, Junior switches between two sets of sheets; both Egyptian cotton.

So it’s come to a common consensus, that Egyptian Cotton Sheets have changed our lives; quite literally. Life isn’t as good as it can be if you’re not sleeping well, and for the three for us Egyptian Cotton Sheets have improved our sleeping life immensely.

So, we’ve set ourselves a goal; to help you achieve a sleep you’ve never even dreamed of. We want to empower you to make the right decision in choosing the perfect bedding that will accommodate a consistently wonderful sleep experience.

Our Goal

At the end of the day, you will decide for yourself what bedding is perfect for you, but here at Dreamy-Bedding our desire is to guide you towards your dream sleep.

This isn’t possible without honesty, integrity and true reviews. We want to be like your favourite Uncle and Auntie, in the bedding industry. A group of people you can come to ask any question you have about bedding, knowing you’ll receive an honest answer without bias. Everything you read is fed from real research and experience, and so you can be rest-assured that whatever conclusion you come to through our help; your new bedding experience will be multitudes better than the last.